15 advantages of IRA Real Estate Investing

 15 advantages of IRA Real Estate Investing 


There are people making quick cash by investing in real estate. However, they are:

a) Few in numbers
b) They are loaded with cash to begin with
c) They are extremely well connected to their local market.

Why it makes sense to use a Self-Directed IRA and become a beneficial shareholder instead of putting all your money at risk

Investment Property report:

Additionally, these investors also:
d) Pay higher taxes due to short term gains.
e) Frequently tie up large amounts of cash (their own cash).
f) Are constantly guessing at what they should pay for a property.
g) Are highly affected by market trends.
h) Consume every facet of their lives toward buying and selling real estate
i) Are at risk of losing everything on one gamble.

However, there are a few people getting wealthy by investing in real estate.

These people:

a) Have access to large numbers of properties that will generate consistent long term cash flow.
b) Take advantage of leveraging money to make multiple purchases.
c) Have greater tax advantages from long term ownership.
d) Are less affected by temporary market trends.
e) Have the option of being active investors or passive investors by hiring a Property Manager.
f) Are using other people’s money to gain wealth.

99% of the people that want to get into real estate investing need to pay close attention to the real estate market trends.


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