MKG Enterprises Corp Financial Services is a private equity firm that provides non-traditional investments contained in our circular offerings under Rule 506 of Regulation D.


Our strive for continued growth and prosperity is to increase IRR utilizing Self Directed IRA, Diversify Assets, Decrease Investment Risk, Lower Tax Liability by using non-traditional investments.

Our firm provides Regulation D seed funding to small to mid-sized businesses, franchise investment opportunities, real estate investing, alternative investment strategies, accounting/bookkeeping services to individuals & businesses to raising capital Crowdfunding.

We believe that non-traditional strategies are an important part of a sophisticated investor’s portfolio. Utilized properly, alternative investments can provide diversification and may help decrease overall investment risk.

  1. Introduction

The following investment policies govern the objectives, strategies, implementation, and performance measurement of the Private Equity Program.

We offer Banks, Financial Advisors, Institutions and Accredited Investors fund of funds portfolio investing

•Participate in unique deals

•Diversify portfolio

•Invest directly in private companies

•Above average returns

•Uncorrelated to the stock market

  1. Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Private Equity Program is to provide performance enhancement and diversification benefits to the overall investment portfolio. The performance objective of the Private Equity Program is to equal or exceed the Stock Market Indices plus 207 basis points annualized and net of fees over ten-year rolling periods. Performance inside of ten years will be compared to time horizon, risk-tolerance, the Cambridge Associates U.S. Private Equity Benchmarks and Preqin Alternative Asset Data


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