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$10,000 Max Tax Refund Advance + $2,500 Auto Title Loan

“Tax Refund Advances now available” You can qualify for up to $10,000 plus additional lenders $2,510 Auto Title Loan PATH ACT New Federal Tax Law that will Affect millions of tax refunds in 2019. Availability is subject to satisfaction of identity verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards. Choose from $225-$10,000 plus additional $2,510 auto title  loan. California loans are maderead more

Paradigm MedTech

MKG Enterprises Corp is please to announce they have established an NPI National Provider Identifer to provide Electronic Health Records Medical Services to low income communities specifically in Southwest, Chinatown and Downtown Fresno. Our 2020 Southwest Specific Tertiary plan is now underway. *Substance abuse/ Rehabilitation * 24/7 Access to Medical Transportation*Mental Health Services *Nursing Care*Home Delivered Meals, Meals*Lodging *Day Training,read more

What does it mean to be asset rich but cash poor?

The Problems Of Being Asset Rich But Cash Poor “Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Economy and the Cornerstones of Our Communities” Over $1.4 trillion dollars was raised through the Regulation D exemption in 2014 and over 40,000 Regulation D offerings have been executed since 2009. Regulation D provides the capability to raise capital in compliance with State andread more

They want you to stay poor

“They want you to stay poor, until you change your mindset.” Buy/Own Pre-IPO Stock Shares, real estate equity according to your investment strategy. Combine IRA Tax Advantages With Alternative Investments. Our Regulation D Crowdfunding portal Offer Shareholders An Opportunity To “Take Stock In Their Community.” Tweet

Asset Diversification Strategy, Precious Metals IRA

In good times any financial analyst worth his salt would recommend 10% of his client’s portfolio be invested in gold and silver. But there is just one caveat these are not good times. Wouldn’t you agree? So 10% is a good place to start.   Hypothetical Scenario: Wealth Income Strategy: MKG Enterprises Business Trust client opens a Precious Metal IRA and buys or roll overread more

M-453 Monetized Installment Sale

M-453 Monetized Installment Sale   The M453 Monetized Installment Sale tax strategy allows those selling highly appreciated assets (home, land, business, commercial property) to defer the capital gains tax for up to 30 years, while also walking away from escrow with the bulk of the sales proceeds; the ideal scenario.   What is an Installment Sale?  An installment sale isread more

 15 advantages of IRA Real Estate Investing

 15 advantages of IRA Real Estate Investing There are people making quick cash by investing in real estate. However, they are: a) Few in numbers b) They are loaded with cash to begin with c) They are extremely well connected to their local market. Why it makes sense to use a Self-Directed IRA and become a beneficial shareholder insteadread more

Social Security Retirement Strategy

For many retirees, Social Security represents a portion of the income they will rely on during retirement. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider not only when to claim Social Security benefits, but also how to incorporate your unique circumstances, challenges, and goals into this decision. Working with a financial professional who can help you identify potential obstacles, or evenread more

IRA Real Estate Investor Guide

The IRS allows an IRA, Individual 401(k), HSA, or ESA to acquire private equity (an ownership interest in a private company or fund) as an asset without penalty, and while keeping the tax benefits associated with that account type. An IRA can purchase many types of private equity, including Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Pre-IPO companies, C-Corps, Limited Liability Partnerships,read more

Buy/Own GHS Govan’s Construction Company Stock through a Robust Secure Web-Based Investor Portal

Press release newswire   April 18, 2019   GHS Govan’s Construction Inc. board of directors are pleased to announce they have selected Colonial Stock Transfer as their Corporate transfer agent to allow shareholders to manage their account online 24/7 through a robust Investor portal to buy/own their Regulation D 506 (c) exempt securities.   Security Exchange Commission EDGAR Company FIlingsread more