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MKG Tax Consultants also provides world-class financial product’s and services to middle-class American making tax preparation easy and affordable for everyone regardless of their financial situation.

Our licensed professionals are experienced in both personal and business tax returns. Get your taxes prepared with No out of pocket expense!

We specialize in solving IRS and State Tax problems.

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Ways To Receive Your Tax Refund

CashPass Faster Money Pre-Paid Visa Card – Put your tax refund or Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) use it everywhere VISA Card is accepted.

The CashPass Faster Money Prepaid VISA Card provides a safe, convenient and powerful way for you to manage your money.

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By Check – Have your tax refund mailed directly to your home on a Refund Anticipation Check and you will pay nothing out of pocket at tax preparation time (your fees are deducted from your refund) Or the IRS can mail a check to your home.

Direct Deposit – Refunds can be direct deposited into your checking or savings account.

Refund Status – Learn more about your IRS refund status  at and what you’ll need to check your refund status.

Tax Planning

As part of our tax planning process, our two Registered Return Tax Preparer (RRTP) and our two Tax planning professionals take pride in using three basis methods to help in reducing your taxes. Our goal is to utilize several variations of these methods to help keep more money in your pocket, while helping you to leave your estate in a tax efficient manner. Our Tax Professionals have over a decade of  years’ experience to help you in the preparation, electronic filing and tax advice you need to plan for the future.

Our clients enjoy their tax returns prepared by our Tax Professionals for $249 every year. This is just a small token to show our clients and the community that we appreciate them.

There isn’t much room for error when preparing a client’s taxes. But no matter how careful you are and how many systems of oversight you’ve developed, mistakes and misunderstandings can occur. When preparing taxes for clients, your mistakes might not just inconvenience your customer but could also make them lose money and result in IRS penalties or audits. When this happens, you could quite easily face a lawsuit.

Professional liability insurance (E&O) covers this specific threat to your livelihood. Not only does E&O cover the cost of defending yourself against a lawsuit but it can also cover claims awarded to your clients (including for IRS penalties and interest) within limits.

E&O insurance policies for tax preparers and other professionals have two limits. One limit, the smaller of the two, is the per incident limit. This is the maximum the policy will pay out for an individual incident. The second and larger limit is the per policy limit, which is the maximum total payout in a policy year for all claims. Your policy will also have a deductible that you must pay out of pocket for each claim. Higher deductibles will reduce the cost of your premiums, but they can create a larger financial burden on you if you have multiple claims in a year.

In addition to professional liability insurance, tax preparers should protect their business property through a commercial property insurance policy. This will provide some general liability coverage in the event that an individual is injured or their property is damaged on your premises. The policy will also provide some compensation when your building or contents are damaged in a covered incident.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. It may be a legitimate option if you can’t pay your full tax liability, or doing so creates a financial hardship. MKG Tax Consultants will consider your unique set of facts and circumstances:

  • Ability to pay;

  • Income;

  • Expenses; and

  • Asset equity

IRS generally approve an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most IRS can expect to collect within a reasonable period of time. Explore all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise. The Offer in Compromise program is not for everyone. If you hire MKG Tax Consultants professional to help you file an offer, be sure to check your eligibility.

Make sure you are eligible

Before the IRS can consider your offer, you must be current with all filing and payment requirements. You are not eligible if you are in an open bankruptcy proceeding. Use the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier to confirm your eligibility and prepare a preliminary proposal.

  • $186 application fee (non-refundable); and

  • Initial payment (non-refundable) for each Form 656.

Important information about payment option

Your initial payment will vary based on your offer and the payment option you choose:

  • Lump Sum Cash: Submit an initial payment of 20 percent of the total offer amount with your application. Wait for written acceptance, then pay the remaining balance of the offer in five or fewer payments.

  • Periodic Payment: Submit your initial payment with your application. Continue to pay the remaining balance in monthly installments while the IRS considers your offer. If accepted, continue to pay monthly until it is paid in full.

If you meet the Low Income Certification guidelines, you do not have to send the application fee or the initial payment and you will not need to make monthly installments during the evaluation of your offer. See your application package for details.

Understand the process

While your offer is being evaluated:

  • Your non-refundable payments and fees will be applied to the tax liability (you may designate payments to a specific tax year and tax debt);

  • A Notice of Federal Tax Lien may be filed;

  • Other collection activities are suspended;

  • The legal assessment and collection period is extended;

  • Make all required payments associated with your offer;

  • You are not required to make payments on an existing installment agreement; and

  • Your offer is automatically accepted if the IRS does not make a determination within two years of the IRS receipt date.

(legal disclaimer) MKG Tax Consultants nor its associates make no warranties or guarantees that your (OIC) will be accepted by the IRS nor is the retainer fee paid to MKG Tax Consultants is a non-refundable fee for the consulting services provided. MKG Tax Consultants and its affiliates reserve the right to cancel any oral or written agreements or amend the terms and conditions of preparing a (OIC) on a tax payer behalf. Payment plans are available on a case by case basis.

For more information contact MKG Tax Consultants (559) 412-7248 to schedule a appointment.

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