Free Financial Needs Analysis

Private Pension Plan Overview – Replace 401k with BEST PLAN on Earth 

ZERO Losses/Tax-Free Income

Our Mission To build the top financial services marketing firm that assists individuals, families and businesses in achieving financial security and independence through the use of top financial products focused on protecting against loss as well as increasing and safeguarding assets.

The exceptional liquidity of a 7702 Private Plan can allow you fund your own credit purchases, you can be your own bank.

A 7702 Private Plan uses IRS Tax Code section 7702(a) to combine the tax free income of a permanent life insurance policy with the financial market opportunity of a major stock market index to provide a superior tax free retirement income that cannot be outlived when structured properly.

Contact Us to request a free no obligation 7702 Retirement Illustration today!

****Credit repair
****Debt management
****Life insurance
****Health Insurance
****Short term medical insurance
****Personal & Casualty Insurance
****Index CD’s
****In-Force Annuity
**** 7702 Private Plan
**** Free Financial Needs Analysis



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