Insurance Advisor Licensing Ownership Investment Opportunity

Auto, Home, Life, Annuity, Investments & Wealth Management

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MKG Enterprises Corp is offering Insurance Advisory Licensing Ownership, CO-Op in selected states.

Be your own boss by becoming a MKG Enterprises (“Associate”)

•Initial application fee $125

•Own Private Equity in Agency

( Benefits)


Executive Bonus Plans: Tax Deductible Life Insurance Premiums in IRC Section 162

•ExOLI (Executive-Owned Life Insurance)

Tax Deductible Life Insurance with 162 Non-Qualified Supplemental Retirement Plans

Executive-owned cash values can be withdrawn and/or borrowed to produce tax free retirement cash flow; Death benefits paid to the executive’s family are free of income tax.

MKG Enterprises Corp. a California and Florida C-Corp

1328 N Wishon Ave Fresno, CA 93728 Telephone: 866-675-3933

Low Cost Insurance Advisory Licensing Ownership Investment

The Licensing (“Associate & Advisory Service Owner or LAASO”) will operate a MKG Enterprises Corp Financial Services Store (“ RIA” Registered Investment Advisor or “IAR” Investment Advisor Representative Associate” or “Store”) that will primarily engage in the business of selling, servicing and delivering property and casualty insurance policies, life, annuity and investments, wealth management but that may also offer certain other insurance services to its clients. As an AASO, you will enter into a Franchise Agreement (“Agreement” or “CLXII Fund Agreement”) with us.

MKG Enterprises Corp a California C-Corp

1328 N Wishon Ave Fresno, CA 93728

Toll-Free (866) 675-3933

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