Introduction Of MKG Insurance Agency

MKG Tax protecting families


MKG Enterprises Corp is a new company that just launched in the beginning of 2013. MKG Enterprises Corp dba MKG Insurance Agency specifically focuses on offering financial services to the mass market through partnerships with reputable brokerage firms. All of the products are geared to help all families build and protect their capital for generations to come through collaborating with a single source. As a new company, MKG Insurance Agency has taken a whole new approach to financial services by combining life insurance with other financial planning and investing instruments to help you grow your assets. MKG Insurance Agency services families and individuals of all walks of life from many different parts of the country, including those with an entrepreneurial drive to build a business.

MKG Enterprises Corp dba MKG Insurance Agency fits the bill of a viral opportunity for those who see the benefits of planning for the long term. Those who want to make money promoting MKG can join as a member and choose to promote one of MKG product lines.

MKG Enterprises Corp offers two separate product lines which are the licensed products and non-licensed products. Becoming a member is only $9.95 a month and as a member you can promote licensed products if you have or acquire the right licenses to sell these products in your State. If you choose to opt for the unlicensed products you don’t need any license and you can start promoting these services right after enrolling. MKG Enterprises Corp offers the perfect combination of financial security and independence for the average family and the entrepreneurs.



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