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WHEREAS, it is proposed that the beneficial interest in the Trust shall be Massachusetts business trust with transferable shares under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 182, as amended, to carry on such general business activity as they deem proper for the Stockholders; and

WHEREAS, it is proposed that the Trustees manage in the manner hereinafter stated such capital and other property which they may hereafter acquire as Trustees; and

WHEREAS, it is proposed that the beneficial interest in the Trust shall be divided into transferable Shares of Beneficial Interest evidenced by certificates therefor, which Shares of Beneficial Interest shall be further divided into [Class A Voting] Shares and [Class B (Non Voting)] Shares (the Class A Voting Shares and Class B (Non Voting) Shares are collectively referred to as the “Shares of Beneficial Interest” and the Stockholders shall refer to holders of Class A Voting Shares and/or Class B (Non Voting) Shares, unless otherwise specifically provided), all as hereinafter provided.

The Trustees shall hold all money and other property now or hereafter acquired by them as Trustees, whether transferred by subscribers for the issuance of shares hereunder or otherwise by any person, together with the proceeds and profits thereof, in trust to conduct such general business and related activities as they deem proper for the benefit of the Stockholders, including, but not limited to, directly or indirectly, owning, acquiring, investing in, buying, selling, trading, and otherwise dealing in and/or with interests in one or more other entities; acquiring, by purchase, sale, mortgage, lease, pledge, or in any other way owning, acquiring, investing in, buying, selling, trading, and otherwise dealing in and/or with any property of any kind and nature (whether real or personal, tangible or intangible); and engaging in any other business which the Trustees deem necessary, appropriate, or advisable to the conduct of the business, apartment complexes, data centers, health care facilities, hotels, infrastructure—in the form of fiber cables, cell towers, and energy pipelines—office buildings, retail centers, self-storage, timberland, and warehouses or all upon the following terms:

  1. All acts of the Trustees relating to this Trust may be done under the name of MKG Enterprises Corp Business Trust, or such other name or names as the Trustees may from time to time adopt.





    1. General Responsibilities and Authority. Consistent with the duties  and obligations of, and limitations on, the Trustees as set forth herein and under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Trustees are accountable to the Stockholders as fiduciaries and are required to perform their duties in good faith and in a manner each Trustee believes to be in the best interest of the Trust and its Stockholders, with such care, including reasonable inquiry, as a prudent person in a like position would use in similar circumstances.


Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Trustees shall have, without further or other authorization, and free from any power or control on the part of the Stockholders, full, absolute and exclusive power, control, management and authority over the Trust estate and over the business and affairs of the Trust to the same extent as if the Trustees were the sole owners thereof in their own right. The Trustees shall have the power to enter into commitments to make any investment, purchase or acquisition, or to exercise any power authorized by this Agreement and Declaration of Trust.


Any construction of this Declaration or any determination made in good faith by the Trustees of the purposes of the Trust or the existence of any power or authority hereunder shall be conclusive. In construing the provisions of this Declaration, presumption shall be in favor of the grant of powers and authority to the Trustees. The enumeration of any specific power or authority herein shall not be construed as limiting the aforesaid powers or the general powers or authority or any other specified power or authority conferred herein upon the Trustees.


    1. Specific Powers and Authority. In the administration of the Trust, in addition to any powers or authority conferred by this Agreement or which the Trustees may have by virtue of any present or future statute or rule of law, the Trustees, acting by Vote of the Trustees (except as otherwise specified in this Agreement), shall have and may exercise at any time and from time to time, without any action or consent by the Stockholders, the following powers and authorities which may or may not be exercised by them in their sole judgment and discretion and in such manner and upon such terms and conditions as they may from time to time deem proper:



  • To purchase or otherwise acquire real or personal property, and to sell, exchange, mortgage, pledge, lease, or in any manner deal with the property of the Trust or any part thereof, or any interest therein (including, but not limited to, the assets of any entity owned by the Trust), upon such terms and for such considerations as they deem proper;




  • To make such contracts as they deem expedient in the conduct of the business of the Trust.


  • To borrow money to further the purposes of the Trust and/or to guarantee the obligations of or the repayment of the loans of other parties, and to pledge or mortgage any of the Trust property as security therefore, even though said pledge or mortgage may be for a period beyond the duration of the Trust.


  • To loan money, with or without security, on such terms as they deem proper.


  • To receive or sue for all monies at any time becoming due to the Trust.
  • To compromise or refer to arbitration or mediation or defend by legal action any claims against or rights of the Trust.


vii. To receive or sue for all monies at any time becoming due to the Trust.


viii. To compromise, settle, or refer to arbitration or mediation or defend by legal action any claims against or rights of the Trust.


  1. ix. To rely upon the opinion or advice of any persons deemed competent by the Trustees, to employ any person or persons, including Trustees, to perform services related to the conduct of the business of the Trust and the administration of the Trust, to confer upon such persons such powers and authority as the Trustees may deem expedient, and to pay such persons reasonable compensation for their services.
  2. The Trust require that all ordinary income be distributed before dividends; all dividends be distributed before capital gains; and all capital gains be distributed before principal.


x. Grantor Trust Powers as defined Internal Revenue Code Sections 673(a) to 677(a) (IRC Section 676) and/or income interests [IRC Section 677 (a)]


  1. Grantor Trust Powers include the power to require trust assets by substituting property of equivalent value (IRC Section 675(4)(C) or the power to borrow without adequate interest or adequate security (IRC Section 675(2)
  2. IRC Section 674(b) and an additional exception under Section 674(c) , Section 674(a) to include the following definitions:


  1. HEMS. The trustee’s power to make distributions is constrained by a reasonably definite standard such as health, education, maintenance or support (HEMS) (IRC Section 674(b)(5)(A));                
  2. Pro rata shares. The trust has multiple beneficiaries, but income and principal is distributed to such beneficiaries in accordance with their respective shares (IRC Section 674(b)(5)(B));
  3. Single beneficiary. The trust has only one current beneficiary, and the income and principal must be paid to such beneficiary (or such beneficiary’s estate) or to appointees designated by the beneficiary (IRC Section 674(b)(6)); and
  4. No real control. Neither the grantor nor the grantor’s spouse is serving as trustee, and no more than one-half of the trustees are related or subordinate to the grantor (IRC Section 674(c)
  5. Colonial Stock Transfer Trust Powers are  to manage shareholders account online 24/7 through a shareholder portal to include the
  1. Transferring of shareholder ownership
  2. Restriction removals
  3. Lost certificates replacements
  4. Online proxy voting
  5. Dispersing dividends and other payments
  6. Mailing of shareholder materials
  7. Stockholders Account Login


  1. New Direction Trust Company Trust Powers are for managing stockholders Self Directed IRA and Self Directed HSA checkbook investment into MKG Enterprises Corp Business Trust not limited to:

Opening IRA and HSA individual accounts to invest into a multitude of alternative investment opportunities to generate tax-advantaged earnings from real estate, loans, precious metals MKG Enterprises Corp Business Trust seems beneficial to its stockholders.

Account Holders login:


To consent to, and participate in, any plan of reorganization, consolidation, merger or other similar plan, including the acquisition of interest in one or more other entities, and consent to any contract, lease, mortgage, purchase, sale or other action pursuant to such plan.


To hold bonds, shares or other securities in bearer form, and to cause legal title to any Trust property to be held in the name of one or more nominees.


To determine whether and in what manner any item should be charged, credited and/or allocated to income and/or corpus.


To do such other things and incur such other obligations as in their judgment will advance the purposes of the Trust.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if the Trustees have elected pursuant to Section 1361(b)(3)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), to treat any subsidiary of the Trust as a qualified subchapter S subsidiary (“QSSS”), any action by the Trustees which would terminate such subsidiary’s status as a QSSS shall require the unanimous written consent of all of the Trustees.]



  • Officers. The Trustees may appoint a president, treasurer, clerk, or any other officers they may deem useful or appropriate, and no such officer need be either a Trustee or a Stockholder. Any such officer, or any agent or employee of the trust shall have such powers, duties and responsibilities as the Trustees may deem advisable and shall be subject to removal at any time by the Trustees. All officers shall hold office for such period as may be determined by the Trustees and the Trustees shall fix the compensation of all officers.  The Trustees and officers may receive reasonable compensation for their general services as Trustees and officers hereunder, and may be paid such compensation for special services as the Trustees, in good faith, may deem reasonable.



In the United States, to be considered an accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year. The term "accredited investor" is defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Price:Beneficial Shareholders Interest minimum investment $3,000
Zip Code:93726
Year Built:1959
Square Feet:1,510
Lot Square Feet:1,673
Half Bathrooms:1.5
Garage:Parking Garage/ Parking Structure
Property Type:Commercial Light Industrial Automotive
Flooring:Hard wood Nd carpet
Lot size:1,653

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