Regulation D Crowdfunding

“Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Economy and the Cornerstones of Our Communities”

Over $1.4 trillion dollars was raised through the Regulation D exemption in 2014 and over 40,000 Regulation D offerings have been executed since 2009. Regulation D provides the capability to raise capital in compliance with State and Federal regulations and provides the fundamentals necessary to accomplish soliciting and accepting investment from investors.

MKG Enterprises Corp intends to capitalize on this market by providing consulting services to small business and assisting them with raising capital using Regulation D offerings on our funding portal.

The Metropolitan Fresno areas are home to over 1,010,409 residents, 99,004 businesses and 3,002 nonprofit organizations.

We’re very excited to launch our stakeholder portal! Our crowdfunding portal has been designed with Small Businesses, Community Stakeholders, Accredited Investors in mind – focusing on giving you a better user experience.

It allows you to easily stay up to date with everything we’ve got going on, communicate with us at the touch of a finger, and even receive notifications from us for all the latest Regulation D 506 (c) to accredited investors.

Regulation D Offering

The following submission has been accepted by the U.S SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Company File Number(s) 021-282471


The following investment policies govern the objectives, strategies, implementation, and performance measurement of the Private Equity Program.

We offer Banks, Financial Advisors, Institutions, Accredited Businesses, and Accredited Investors fund of funds portfolio investing

•Participate in unique deals

•Diversify portfolio

•Invest directly in private companies

•Above average returns

•Uncorrelated to the stock market


To learn more about our alternative investments contact us Toll-Free 866-675-3933

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