The Rule of 72 & Rule of 108


Hypothetical scenario

How an affluent RN client turned a $ 6,000-year index universal life insurance into $343,025 retirement vehicle with downside protection and upside potential.

It will take 9 years total annualized premium of $54,000 to double quadruple 6.35 X’s and outperform a traditional 403B, 401k retirement plan.

Case Study #1

Age 44 RN

The client is single and has no dependents and time horizon goals is to supplement her retirement income and begin taking $1,500 tax-free loans every month out of her insurance policy purchased 9 years ago for 20 years starting at age 53 and end at age 73.

5 key benefits of using life insurance as retirement with ABR riders.

1. Nursing Home Care
2. Home Health/ Hospice
3. Assisted Living
4. Adult Day Care
5. Death Benefits

One proposal is for $343,025 with a maximum monthly ABR benefit with optional tax-free loan withdrawals of $6,861 for (50 months) for $400 per month premium

Case Study #2 Age 44 RN

Tax-free loan withdraws of $ 1,500-month loan 20 years

Case Study #3 Age 44 RN

Another proposal for $432,012 with a maximum ABR benefit payout $8,640 for $500 per month premium

long-term care benefits or cash payouts that can be used however you choose to spend it. The long-term care is a fixed benefit will not increase this is guaranteed for 50 months up to 20 years if you choose $1,500 monthly payments.

Case Study #4 Age 44 RN

Purchased a life insurance for 9 years with a monthly premium of $500 month 388,3212 with a maximum monthly ABR benefit with optional tax-free loan withdrawal of $18,000


“Rule of 72” estimates how long it takes tax-free & deferred money to double given an anticipated growth rate. Simply divide the anticipated growth rate into 72 to determine the number of years. Example: tax-deferred money growing at 6% would double in approximately 12 years.

Worth consideration: “Rule of 108” estimates the time needed for a taxable account…such as a CD…to double, assuming an anticipated growth rate. The taxable money will double in approximately 22 years at a 5% growth rate.

*Once funds are withdrawn from a tax-deferred annuity they become taxable. The Rule of 72 works for estimating annuity growth. Any withdrawals, taxes and surrender charges are not considered in these rules.

Preservation of Capital:
The objective is to seek maximum safety and stability for your principal by focusing on securities and investments that carry a low degree of risk.

The objective is to generate dividend, interest or other income instead of, or in addition to, seeking long-term capital appreciation.

The objective is to increase the principal value of your investments over time rather than seeking current income. Investor assumes a higher degree of risk.

Trading Profits:
The objective is to increase the principal value of your investments using shorter-term trading strategies and by assuming a higher risk.

The objective is to substantially increase the principal value of your investments by assuming substantially higher risk to your investment capital.

The objective is to take positions in a product in order to hedge or offset the risk in another product.

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