Why Life Insurance for Americans

Accelerated Living Benefits

We believe — “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” That is more than just a statement — it’s a fact with our MKG Insurance Agency Champions and all our clients!

Retire Outlook Estimator

How much you save is the most important factor in building the kind of retirement fund you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle after work. Use this calculator to quickly determine your “retirement outlook”—and how much more you may need to save to improve it.

Life Insurance & Fixed Index Annuities is the flagship product of MKG. MKG Insurance Agency offers all types of Annuities, QLAC’s, Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (RMD), life insurance including term life, indexed universal life, survivor-ship life and whole life. MKG is constantly updating its life insurance portfolio to continually offer the most competitive products in the marketplace. Life insurance offers tax advantages that make it the perfect vehicle for retirement saving

If you could earn stock market based returns without risk and 100% tax free in an IRS approved retirement account, would you be interested? What if this account earned interest based on market performance in the good years, but guaranteed you would never lose any money in the bad years?

What if a 7702 Private Plan could, almost like magic, balloon in value to much more than you put in if you were diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness and needed money now? And among other features not in your current retirement account, what if the money you saved was much more liquid than a 401k, 403b, IRA, SEP, ROTH, KEOGH or other traditional IRS approved plan? That would sound like a pretty good retirement plan wouldn’t it? Would you think it is worth it to read this article over the next 10 minutes to find out?

If you said yes and you are willing to invest a few minutes reading then you are about to learn how to properly structure a 7702 Private Plan and earn tax free market based returns with $0 at market risk. The people who do a little research and work with a reputable professional to get it right increase retirement lifestyle significantly because a properly structured 7702 Private Plan is a set it and forget it type of account. It will perform your entire life earning risk free market based gains and rewarding you with tax free retirement income for life. 7702 Private Plan accounts also have more flexibility and fewer limitations than traditional 401k, 403b, IRA, SEP, ROTH, or KEOGH accounts.

The 7702 Private Plan is an excellent opportunity to create your own financial security without risk. It takes a little research and about an hour to set up with a professional, but once that is done your Private Plan account will serve you for life.

Tax Free Income Plans:

  • College Funding
  • Longevity Planning
  • Pension Max
  • Smart Money
  • Supplemental Retirement
  • Income Protection
  • AnnuiCare Tax Deferred Annuity with tax qualified long-term care insurance benefits
  • Index Universal Life Insurance

Take the next step, contact MKG Enterprises Corp 7702 Private Plan Specialist.

And apply the strategies outlined in this article you will have a lifetime plan that will outperform most mutual funds, is guaranteed against losses and pays out tax free.

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Benefits of owning Life Insurance

Do you need to protect your family? Would you like to create a tax free retirement? Life insurance allows you to accomplish both these objectives very efficiently and affordably.

Why Life Insurance In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can help cover everyday expenses, like the mortgage and household bills. The cash received from a policy (the death benefit) can help protect your family from being burdened with debt. In addition to helping meet your family’s immediate financial needs, life insurance can also be used to help keep a business thriving, help finance future needs like your children’s education or supplement your retirement funds.

You may know the distinct pride you get in purchasing your own home or car. Ownership can give a certain comfort, a certain satisfaction that your financial stability is solid, secure, and even permanent.

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way about your family’s financial future – even if you weren’t around to provide for them? When you purchase life insurance, you select a plan that provides the right kind of protection for

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